St. George’s College, Mussoorie has recently setup an archive museum for reviving and revisiting the 150 year old history of the school, Collection of historical importance which were unattended since ages were given a new lift altogether.
The Collection for the museum are:-
  1. Laminated and framed photographs(1870 onwards)
  2. Butterflies and beetles from the Khasi Hills(1900-1922).
  3. School record/ Accounts registers(early 1900)
  4. The Manorites – Old Collection.
  5. Scientific Instruments (early 1900s)
  6. Projectors
  7. Old Furniture
  8. Piano(early 1900s)
  9. Old Books
  10. Crockery
  11. Clocks and Various other articles of historical interest.
 Walk down the memory lane witness the work of creativity and seek the blessing of the “Oldies” packed in the museum.
Archives Museum